Hi, I’m Liz and I also’m today a rebound girl.

Meaning, I like him. Plenty. The guy likes me a whole lot. But he just got away from an union, a three-year, dirty, devastating commitment that simply concluded, virtually. I have found myself continuously getting here for him, raising him right up, producing him chuckle and smile and investing.  But it’s never reciprocated. We informed me I would personallyn’t fall,  I never ever supposed to…the very first number of times we hung out I wanted to stab my personal sight on with a fork because all he did was actually discuss the lady, going around around in groups and really, at this point-what can you state?

I needed to say, “She ended up being a terrible bitch and you are better off”, but kicking him when he’s down actually my personal design. I wanted become his buddy, and that’s it. There is history, we are there for each and every other.

Today I feel like I’m straight-out associated with the Taylor Swift track, “You Belong With Me” and I also never thought I would be around. Friends let me know not to consult with him, hang out with him, end up being there for him, but i can not stop. Part has to end up being masochistic, however the some other part-I really care about this person. If I’m being entirely honest, i do want to tell him that i believe he installed the moon. Which he’s great. That we see united states with each other happy, and therefore I would personally never treat him the way she did.

I do not desire to be made use of though-I don’t want him to learn he’ll get just what he requires from me (maybe not physically), but psychologically, emotionally, etc…heal, following proceed to some other person.  I want to take the reins in a little. I want him to heal by himself for him observe things clearly-to see myself demonstrably.

Before this, I’m Liz. And that I’m modifying my mind. I am not a rebound lady.


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