Discrepancies with Quantity of Shared DNA to possess Close Family members Suits within MyHeritage

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25% shared). Circumstances #1 For a few weeks, I have already been dealing with a female who was given up due to the fact a baby. We’d successfully zeroed from inside the for her physical family unit members owing to pedigree triangulation to the AncestryDNA and you can was basically trying determine which regarding a few sisters try this lady physiological mommy. New daughter of one of your own siblings got accessible to try within MyHeritage, with the hope regarding a great DNA express consistent with possibly earliest cousins otherwise half-sisters. This lady performance returned with 17.9% (1,294.9 cM) DNA shared between the two. It was unfortunate because it decrease when you look at the a grey town in which the brand new range of shared DNA towards a couple of it is possible to relationships convergence, it appeared as if we may haven’t any decisive answer to practical question from the woman parentage. I upcoming published the woman investigation in order to Gedmatch and was indeed shocked to observe that they really shared


Does not FTDNA do MyHeritage’s lab work? It appears like either a faulty algorithm or perhaps the entry to different standard thresholds (age.grams. eight cm against ten cm). I really hope they explain it particularly yesterday. We should instead strive for consistancy, perhaps not confusion.

It’s quite possible that they make use of the exact same or similar devices to discover the investigation, but carry out the research individually. Bear in mind that new cM “distance” are in itself a price according to the empirically-derived recombination rates collectively per chromosome. A change for the activities, a difference from inside the thresholds, a big difference from inside the mismatch work with-length maximum, is also the affect the computed cM values, given the same intense analysis.

For feel, the fresh new evaluation enterprises would need to agree on countless variables. However, it imagine their factor configurations proprietary–brand new “secret sauce” you to definitely differentiates the support they give you.

I really don’t consider any of us anticipate the firms so you’re able to report the exact same wide variety, nonetheless it will likely be intimate. Whether it isn’t, it places on the matter the foundation of your whole job.

Myheritage do fool around with FTDNA’s research to help you procedure the fresh new DNA, however they fool around with their algorithms so you’re able to report on complimentary. What is actually interesting in my situation within these instances would be the fact myheritage profile faster DNA than from the gedmatch. Regarding the way more faraway relationship the problem is which they declaration a lot of shared DNA (thought to get due to imputation). I might end up being really interested to see if an identical overall performance can be found to have sets relocated to myheritage (I’m as long as brand new reviews thus far is for all those just who checked out in the myheritage?)I don’t know ways to get this reply to show my personal term!! Caz Brymora

My buddy and i also both uploaded to my Tradition. We show 158cM on the Gedmatch and you can 133cM into the Origins. I’ve never shown abreast of for every single other people’s match checklist toward My Society.

My guess using my full sibling is even a lot more lower towards My personal Society than Ancestry and you can Gedmatch. On my Tradition, they tell you i express 1328cM versus an excellent 1709cM display on Gedmatch and you may 1641cM on Ancestry.

My cousin: Origins 2453 cMs more 60 areas, FTDNA 2401, GedMatch 2575, MyHeritage 2279 more than 37 markets. Most of the metropolitan areas except that MyHeritage thinks this can be my personal complete aunt. MyHeritage thinks this is sometimes a 1 / 2 sister, uncle or complete cousin.

I see similar results with my match to my 1/2 brother.At Ancestry, we match at 1681 cM. Upload to GEDMatch shows 1728.9 cM, and a Family Tree DNA transfer shows 1651 cM (ignoring segments <7 cM and shared X yields cM).

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