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A complicated body organ used in urination, gender, and reproduction

A complicated body organ used in urination, gender, and reproduction

The penis is an elaborate external body organ inside guys always pee as well as for sex and you may reproduction. They include several parts, like the shaft, direct, and you can foreskin.

This short article relates to the latest structure and you can reason for your penis, in addition to problems that may affect case otherwise appearance of your manhood at beginning otherwise after in daily life.


Your penis is at leading of the human anatomy at the base of this new hips. The brand new scrotum, who has the new testicles, lays near the dick.

  • Glans: The glans , otherwise head of your penis, ‘s the painful and sensitive construction at the conclusion of the new corpus (shaft).
  • Urethra: This new urethra are a pipe from inside the cock you to definitely runs away from the fresh new kidney into head of your cock. It is useful for urination. In addition crosses through the prostate gland, in which a hole, known as ejaculatory duct, gets cum and you will water that make up semen.
  • Meatus: New meatus is the beginning within idea of one’s glans by which pee otherwise semen exits the human body.
  • Prepuce: This new prepuce , otherwise foreskin, is actually a free bend of epidermis which covers your face out of the penis. Eliminating the latest foreskin is referred to as circumcision.
  • Corpus cavernosa: The latest corpus cavernosa are a couple of articles from spongy tissues that are running along the indoor shaft of one’s manhood. Whenever filled up with bloodstream, the newest architecture stiffen, leading to a hardon.
  • Corpus spongiosum: The latest corpus spongiosum is the third line regarding tissues you to definitely prevents this new urethra of closing while in the an erection.

Your penis was well supplied because of the bloodstream. The shaft, that contains the brand new urethra and you may around three columns out of erectile structure, is covered with a band out of conjunctive structure known as fascia and you can covered with body. Continue Reading

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