Alice is Erina’s Danish cousin and one out of Soma’s opponents

Alice is actually introduce while in the Soma’s entry address and you may install an interest for the your. She’s much less aggressive as compared to Soma’s other rivals, but nonetheless notices him due to the fact significant race while keeping a really condescending feelings into your. In place of the woman relative exactly who looked down towards the Soma on account of his underdog condition, Alice recognizes your just like the a competition, however, try certain that this lady gastronomy experience do show to be premium more Soma’s powerful preparing. During the Trip Election’s Main Tournament, Alice struggled Soma inside a great Bento themed matches. Even after placing it-all she got on the girl dish, she is actually outdone of the Soma. Soma’s Bento was not simply delicious, in addition to appealed into the judges’ feelings and feelings, and that Alice’s bento didn’t.

Soma seems to think of Alice once the someone very intelligent once the she actually is towards the addressing gadgets for cooking and you will prepare yourself the girl dinners. Alice together with generally seems to see getting flattered from the Soma’s compliments and wanting to taste their snacks. The two seem to be to the an excellent words as they spoke regarding defeating Main together and move on to its 2nd age while the members of the family and you can partners. Alice recognizes Soma just like the he defeated the woman as the she thinks the guy dont remove in order to anyone else therefore without difficulty.

Akira Hayama

Similar to their position about Erina and Alice’s thought of and also make the best dinner, Soma and additionally theorized that Akira’s tall dependence on their nose manage feel one another a surprising guide and you can a deadly drawback for a chef for the majority preparing, regardless of the dependence on herbs. Regardless if satisfied on his book cooking knowledge that focus on aroma, Soma finds out determination to be equally as good having herbs was to switch his cooking skill and you can a particular understanding of liven. Even after his concept regarding the Akira’s tiredness, Soma respects him as he is, on number, the original individual away from 92nd age group to leave Soma visibly amazed just after dining an excellent curry dish made by Akira.

Whether or not Alice try disappointed into losses as well as yelled in the your, Alice returned to normal within a few minutes and is actually straight back so you’re able to this lady common amicable care about that have Soma, getting more in search of your and his ability

Akira given Soma their 2nd “defeat” from inside the Totsuki, losing because of the one reason for the new Trip Election Preliminaries. not from Akira’s perspective, his winnings was not decisive since the point spread differed anywhere between the two having three of the judges saying one Soma’s bowl are most readily useful due to the fact most other a few declared one to Akira’s are most readily useful, even offering your prime score. The two fundamentally got its true duel from the final bullet of your 43rd Yearly Totsuki Autumn Election Fundamental Event and Ryo Kurokiba. At the conclusion of the fresh matches, Akira are the most important people besides Joichiro and Tsukasa to ple out-of his bowl, Soma felt that Akira’s bowl resonated that have pure dedication, something their own pan towards meets lacked.

Soma made they their 4th primary goal and he vows to enhance and you may find out about realm of preparing and you will use their knowledge, education and you can commitment so you can defeat Akira and you may pursuing the disclosure out-of him being produced a person in Main as new 9th Chair, Soma appears so much more determined in order to overcome his old competitor. He in the future learns that Akira are holding an encumbrance to own Jun’s benefit, however, this generated Soma visually aggravated which have Akira’s hypocrisy; searching off others when he themselves won’t also strive getting their club otherwise run his own preparing, labels your because really pathetic. Throughout his venture test with Akira, Soma are making an application for up on your compliment of their bowl, regardless if no avail. Shortly after Soma made Akira eat his Mincemeat Katsu, not just did the guy solution his campaign examination and you may had his revenge on the his old opponent, but the guy succeeded in preserving Akira out of his burdens and introduced him so you’re able to their front because the an ally and pal. Akira now knows Soma due to the fact an extremely enchanting chef that will beat such as for instance negative points together with manage to help you victory.

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